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ION Tape Express Portable Analog To Digital Cassette Converter with Headphones
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Turn your tapes into MP3s and listen on your computer, iPod, in the car, or in the palm of your hand! TAPE EXPRESS is a portable, handheld USB tape player that works with all kinds of tapes. It has an easy-to-use USB connection for sending the music on your tapes right into your computer where ...

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I needed to convert my tape collection, and we tired of using headphone jacks. This thing is fantastic.In response to other reviews:1) The unit is plenty loud enough even with the cheapo included headphones2) it's not meant to be used as a walkman. Don't try and you won't be disappointed.3) The included software has good intentions. Poor execution. Use Audacity, not iTunes.Pros:1) It's the right price2) Easy operation3) True plug and play on Vista. Just plug it into a USB port and it worked instantly with Audacity. Did you hear that? No driver problems! Very unexpected, very welcome. This gets ignored when it works well, but people complain about it when it doesn't work.4) Loop feature. Turn on the tape, walk away, come back when it has done both sides.5) Auto volume for recording. Don't have to mess with it.6) No batteries, no power cordsCons:1) Plastic body. It'll hold up for my tape collection, but I would never take it outside.2) Hum during recording. Don't know if it's the tape or the player, but it happened on both cassettes so far.3) No auto-stop. When it has played both sides of the tape, it should know that it is done, right? It doesn't.How to use it (or how it works for me):Plugged in the USB cable (no battery needed, none used). Put in a tape. Pressed play.I have used the included software option and the Audacity option. Audacity is better. Here's why: the included software has a feature. It auto-detects when a song ends and another song begins. But it is not 100% (it missed 3 breaks in the tape I just did, and it was a commercial music tape). And it does not have a noise reduction function, which it desperately needs.Read more ›
March 4, 2011
After reading some of the reviews, you would swear that this was a piece of junk, however it was exactly what I needed to get these old recordings off of tape and into my iTunes! Granted, the player is made of plastic (chromed plastic). It's not something you'd want to abuse or tote around with you, but sitting on my desk it does the job it is intended to do. I just transferred a 20 year old musical recording of a friend of mine and now it's off of that old tape and into my system where I can back it up for the future.If you're looking for a cheap way to turn your tapes into MP3s, this is a great way to go. It was super simple. I loaded the software in about 2 minutes, plugged it into my Mac's USB port and pressed record and play...It's as easy as that! The only drawback is that if you want to separate your tape into separate songs, you do have to sit through the song and press "new track" on your screen. Otherwise, it's pretty great. If you want a super high-end system, this isn't it, but I'm very satisfied with my results so far.
August 17, 2010
I spent several hours trying to copy a tape to my HD using the software that came with this unit. It was a NIGHTMARE!First of all, the software REQUIRES that you download and install iTunes (200+Mb.) or IT WILL NOT RUN. Second, the ion software lets you input the artist and titles, then switches you to iTunes where all the titles and artist info disappears. Thirdly, you can not go back to a previous screen without losing everything.The iTunes requirement was not divulged in the item description, in the advertising or on the box. This would be a deal-breaker for me if I had not purchased it on E-Bay. iTunes may be a great program for those who need it's features but, on my netbook, it is pure and simple bloatware. The program has many features I will never use and it sops up over 200 Mb of hard-drive space. In the end, I deleted the Ion software and iTunes and installed Audacity (about 2.0 Mb). Audacity was easier to use and required less than 1% of the hard-drive space of the Ion software plus iTunes.The hardware, in my opinion, is quite adequate for it's intended purpose. It is intended to allow you to convert your tapes to digital format on your computer. It is plenty robust enough for that purpose. After copying your music to your computer, it would be reasonable to assume you would listen to the digital copy from then on, and never have a need to play the tapes again.
July 12, 2010
Wanted to transfer my cassettes - especially my holiday collection - to MP3s and my laptop doesn't have an audio input (which is different from a headphone input) to accomplish this properly; even with downloadable software from the net. I didn't want to invest in a whole conversion receiver system, so I went with this. Despite some unfavorable reviews, I was hoping that the software, the USB cable input, and the cassette system itself would do the job. Boy was I right. The thing works perfectly. I have already transferred some treasured cassettes to MP3 and they sound better than ever. The software works seamlessly with Itunes. I just loaded the software and started recording immediately. The only things you have to play with are the record level and if you want the software to split into tracks. You can just let your tape play, if you chose, and it WILL automatically split the songs into different tracks - very cool. If you're like me and you're a little bit concerned about some of the negative reviews - don't be. If you have Windows XP or above, Itunes, a USB input, and a CD player to install the software - you'll be fine. I picture the unfavorable reviewers as people with very low computer saviness, very old operating systems, or those too stubborn to use Itunes. Great product.
November 28, 2010

Analog To Digital Cassette Converter.

Turn your tapes into MP3s and listen on your computer, iPod, in the car, or in the palm of your hand! TAPE EXPRESS + is a portable, handheld USB tape player that works with all kinds of tapes. It has an easy-to-use USB connection for sending the music on your tapes right into your computer where it’s instantly turned into MP3 files.

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