Ankuoo NEO Smart Switch with Home Automation App

Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Home Automation App for iPhone and Android Smartphones, Blue/White
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Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.; Turn on or off your home electronics from anywhere at any time; Controls over Wi-Fi and mobile internet; One single app handles multiple Ankuoo Wi-Fi switches; Free app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets; Electrical rating: ...

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I currently have two Belkin WeMo switches, which are similar to this product, so I thought it would be interesting to compare the switches. Fortuitously, Uverse installed a new modem a few days ago, so I had to set up my Belkin Wemo switches again, so it was was easy to compare the two.Usage - Draw. Both products work as advertised - they connect to your Wifi so that you can control your devices remotely. I have mine set up on a schedule (lights turn on in the evening so that my apartment is lit when I come home). Very handy.Setup - Ankuoo wins this round for sure. WeMo repeatedly had trouble connecting to my wifi, even though my password was entered correctly over and over and over. I had to restart the app and *finally* Wemo would connect. I had no such problems with Ankuoo. It comes with a very easy guide, and a quick download of the app had me up and running with the setup. No issues at all, and I had the Smart Switch up and running in about 5 minutes (probably less).App - Ankuoo wins again. A more streamlined app, and I think a more user-friendly app all around. I also love the "anti-theft timer" feature. Easy to set a schedule for your lights.Appearance - Belkin wins this round. I like the all white look instead of the blue, which is somewhat garish and not that great to look at. Not a deal breaker, though. [UPDATE: Well, it looks like Ankuoo also offers an all-white option now, so this is now a draw!]Price - Ankuoo wins this round. It comes in at about 8 dollars cheaper. [UPDATE: The prices on the two switches have changed a bit, but the Ankuoo is still cheaper at this point in time.]Product support - Draw. Have never had to contact Ankuoo, but I will say that Belkin is very helpful in their responses.Read more ›
August 7, 2014
I wanted something that could turn my window a.c. on and off remotely, and this does the trick. Originally, I bought a Belkin WeMo, but I could never get it or the android software to work properly, so I returned it.Setup on the Neo was simple and only took a few minutes. The software seems to work nicely. If you have multiple switches, you can assign each one its own icon. I like the fact that in addition to the basic remote-control function you can program it as a timer switch, instead (though I haven't tried this yet).So far, so good. I'll update if anything goes wrong.
July 8, 2014
Great product. Have it for our front door light, so it comes on every day when the sun goes down and turns off after sunrise. You can control it from anywhere on your phone through their app which is good if you have to travel. All round great product. You can also take a picture of the thing it's controlling which is cute, but useful if you have a list of them to control.2 downsides, but still giving it 5 stars. 1) It only supports single switches. If you have a light controlled by multiple switches (like a staircase light where you have a switch at the top and bottom of the stairs), then it isn't compatible. 2) If you put it with a series of switches that share a face plate, then the border of the NEO sticks farther out giving the face plate an uneven surface when you install it back on. I have 3 in a row, and only converted 1 of them to the wifi, and there's a little bulge where the NEO is installed. You could easily add spacers for the others so it's got an even surface, but something to consider if you're a true perfectionist.Great product (we also have one of the wall socket wifi switches).
December 20, 2014
I installed Belkin's WeMo product line in my house, only to return it a month later. I wanted to see how the Ankuoo stacks up.[Good]The iOS app works. Unlike WeMo, it's stable.The product works as advertised. Unlike WeMo, it's stable.Unlike WeMo, its WiFi range is good. Unlike for Belkin's WeMo product line, there's no need to buy a WiFi extender. Ankuoo Wifi radio is better.Extra features such as the countdown timer and anti-theft timer are nice touches. Other devices tend to only have schedulers that turn on and off based on time of day.Extra security: The hidden SSID broadcast option is a really nice touch. All internet connected devices should have this option. It makes it harder for hackers to wreck havoc on your home.Setup is easy (since Wifi range is good).The iOS app is nice. It works.It is slightly smaller than the WeMo plug.No need to buy a central hub, which at a minimum costs at least 50-300 dollars on competing platforms. Even without a central hub, multiple Ankuoo devices seem to work perfectly fine.UPDATE: It's been months since I've had this and it still works great. It's stable unlike most competing products.[Ok]The price is comparable to other similar products. It's a little more expensive than the WeMo product line, since WeMos go on sale often (since WeMos are crappy).I'm not a fan of the blue color. This should either be completely white, grey, or completely black. Not everyone has an interior that matches with blue.Only works on 2.4 GHZ WiFi during setup and not 5 GHZ WiFi. This shouldn't be a problem for most people for some years. I didn't notice this issue until I read more about the device.Read more ›
July 24, 2014

Turn electronics on or off from anywhere with your smartphones and tablets

Ankuoo NEO Wi-Fi enabled Smart Switch is a wireless outlet switch that can be used to turned on or off the plugged electronics through iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The NEO Smart Switch gives you wireless control of your home electronics. You can turn on or off a lamp from your bedroom, living room or office. The NEO Smart Switch also operates over mobile internet (EDGE, 3G, 4G, LTE), which means you can control your home electronics on the go. From anywhere that you have an internet connection, you can operate your plugged electronics using the NEO Smart Switch.

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