Coin 2.0 – A Smart Device for All Cards

Coin 2.0 - A smart device for all cards

A secure smart device that holds up to 8 cards; Swipe or tap to pay at millions of merchants, (80% compatibility and growing); Enhanced security with Auto-Unlock

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I had actually preordered my Coin Card 2 years ago. It was supposed to be released during the summer of 2014 but that didn't happen because of delays. So I waited to finally get it on September of this year. I had high expectations for the product because waiting so long to get my hands on it made me even crazier about it. But after using it so many times, I've finally became a bit disappointed. The lack of businesses having machines being able to read track 2 cards is just tough. Some big chain retail stores and restaurants have machines that can read the card but it's usually not the case 80% of the time. I do a lot of traveling frequenting between California, Texas and New York. I've been to many places and tried using my coin card but it just doesn't work everywhere. So instead of using coin as an all use card, I only use it when I feel like it to see if it works. So really instead of having a less thick wallet I have my coin card to add to the mix. So far the most success ive gotten the card to work at was at all the Walmarts I've been to. I love the concept but there are just not enough stores able to have machines to read the card or use the NFC capabilities of the card. So until coin releases a product that is likely work at many places I won't be using it as much. As for me I only spent $50 on it by preordering it, so really it's no sweat off my nose. But for those of you who are looking to drop $100 on it, I'd suggest that you wait for a later model that can be used at many places. Spending a $100 to have it work at some locations isn't worth it in my opinion.
November 18, 2015
There are WAY too many 5 star reviews for the actual product. I would expect a 4-5 star average product to work extremely well, and very reliably. While Coin 2.0 is quite impressive and fun to play with, its success rate is currently hovering somewhere between 25-50% because of its lack of track 2 data.If you plan to make Coin your one and only card-- beware, because you will likely get left high and dry when you need to exit a car garage or buy something at a grocery store or pay a check at a restaurant. A good bit of the time, the card reader will simply refuse to read the card, and you will be left fumbling for another card as folks behind you wait.More than an inconvenience, this makes me less likely to USE coin. It already imposes a several second delay due to having to unlock, but if I could know it would work, it would be acceptable. But having to fiddle with a newfangled gadget, answer questions about what it is and how cool it is, and then watch it fail-- costing everyone around about 1-2 minutes of time-- is just plane inconsiderate and makes me avoid using Coin whenever there is any sort of a line of people waiting on me.I like the device, and under normal circumstances would probably give it 2-3 stars. But there are WAY too many 5 star reviews to the point where I am assuming these reviews are from paid reviewers and I think it is worth making sure folks are aware that this product currently has significant drawbacks.
November 13, 2015
i was an early adopter. i funded the development with the kickstarted-like Coin program. i waited for a long time to get my card and although the idea is great (i actually bought two) the execution is not perfect. the card does not work at about 20% of terminals, so i can't carry just this one card. the point of this is to have only one card and you can't count on it. also many retail associates are skeptical of this since it is not the original card. lastly the card has no chip, so it will be limited in use very soon. the idea is sound, that's why i ordered 2 and waited for 16 months to get mine. but they live in the drawer now.Dec 2nd 2015 updateafter this review posted i got an email form Coin. they sent me a 2.0 version. i loaded several cards and started to use it. so far so good. just a few purchases but they were seamless and for transactions i had trouble with previously. today was Costco, no issues. better yet i used my debit Bank Visa, so the terminal had to know if it was a CC or debit. it asked for my pin so it worked as a debit card. very encouraging. for now it will be a back up card that i can use and test. more updates later.Dec 20th 2015 updatethe card does work better for sure but it does not work at any additional places. another issue it that is the cards you have saved in the Coin are chip cards some places now make you use the chip instead of swiping. that si not possible with this card and will become more of an issue over time as retailers upgrade terminals to use the chip you will only be able to use the chip at some point. i still keep it with me but mostly load non-chip cards on it.
November 14, 2015
I waited 2 years for mine. Now I don't use it because it doesn't work in my PNC ATMs or at some of the places I go every day. I can't even use it as a backup card because I can't get cash with it. If I could resell it I would.
November 19, 2015
card worked for a week now nothing I've emailed over 20 times they just won't help me and when it did work a lot of place won't except it and forget using it in an ATM
November 17, 2015

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