Crock Pot Smart Wifi Enabled WeMo 6 Quart Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 6-Quart Slow Cooker, SCCPWM600-V1

Adjust cooking time- temperature- shift to warm or turn off using the Free WeMo App from your smart device Free WeMo App available for Apple(iOS 7 and higher) and Android(4.0 and higher) devices ...

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So, there are some advantages by using the Wemo enabled Crockpot, but there are also some disadvantages.First, we tested it while at home to keep an eye on it. As with other Wemo enabled devices, setup is never as easy as they say it is.It took a long time and multiple attempts for our phone to find the wireless network put out by the crockpot (why does that sound so funny?) before it would connect for the initial setup. The Wemo network simply didn't appear in the list of available wifi networks even though we had plugged it in and were trying to connect.Finally, the wifi network showed up and we were able to connect.First impression of the app--disappointed. We thought there'd be much more in terms of reporting temperature and such, but it was simply set to low, medium, high and set the timer. That was it.Yes, this could be great if you're away, and want to change the settings on the crockpot.However, the crockpot lost the wireless signal partway through cooking, and didn't gain it back. The color on the wireless indicator changed showing that it had lost connection. So, how much do you rely on that feature if you're out and about.The other thing compared to other slow cookers is that you can set the timer right from the display. With this model, you have to use your phone (tablet, etc.) to set the timer. So if you're just going to be at home, you have to take out your phone, open the app, and set the timer.It's a good crock pot, and the wireless connectivity is a novelty (it does provide one more way to "nuke" your food with radio waves), but it's just not as reliable and easy to use as we would have hoped.
August 11, 2014
I just received the Crock-Pot today and so far it's a very nice product. I had some issues initially setting it up (which I'll explain below), but after those initial kinks were worked out it set up in less than 5 minutes and works flawlessly so far. I'm cooking my first meal in it right now. One additional thing I'd like to point out before I start getting into the pros and cons of the product is the issue of the low, high, and warm settings. I've noticed that some users complain that neither the crock pot nor the WeMo app let you see the actual temperature, instead you only have the option of low, high, or warm. In my experience, the vast majority of crock pots on the market only give you these three options. In fact, I've never personally seen any crock pot from any brand that lets you use actual numerical temperature settings. That's not to say they don't exist, but I bet you'd be hard pressed to find one. So I really feel that it shouldn't count against this product seeing as that seems to be an industry standard.When I initially unboxed the crock pot I downloaded the app (iOS) as instructed and followed the other setup instructions. I noticed that when I plugged in the crock pot it would flash green (indicating it's starting up) and then just flash amber right away (indicating there was a problem). According to the instructions, it was supposed to alternate flashing amber and green to indicating it's ready for setup. I tried several times to unplug it, plug it back in, and reset my wifi on my phone to try to get it work. It didn't. I finally was able to hunt down a troubleshooting page that showed me how to reset the crock pot to factory settings. Apparently mine wasn't at factory settings, because that did the trick and allowed me to complete the setup process flawlessly.Read more ›
August 30, 2014
I love slow cookers. They make my end-of-the-workday life easier, they are so easy to clean up (lid and a crock right into the dishwasher), and I have so many delicious recipes for them. Love, love, love.To be honest, my favorite slow cooker has a metal "crock" that allows me cook the meat on the stove top for browning purposes and transfer the "crock" right into the "pot" to slow cook all day. While the metal one is my favorite, it doesn't allow me the flexibility of remotely changing settings based on my hectic life. So, yes, I was actually giddy to get this Crock Pot. How did it perform?Pros:- I have many WeMo products in my house (my porch light switch and multiple plugs). Setup has been a breeze with those as well as this Crock Pot. Follow the short simple instructions and away you go!- Cooks beautifully. I've had slow cookers in the past that cook much too high and make the finished product an over-boiled mess. This slow cooker does a great job of actually slow cooking.- If using the WeMo app, rather than the manual buttons, the Crock Pot automatically switches to warm for 3 hours after it is scheduled to finish cooking.- No need to memorize when your meal will be done cooking. The app tells me that my meal will be ready at 6:44pm. My phone alerts me at 6:44pm that it is time for dinner.- I spend almost every evening at the beach watching my child surf. Some days the waves aren't good and we are there for an hour, other days we leave right before 9pm. Being able to remotely change my Crock Pot to a low or warm setting or extend the cooking time does not make me stressed to leave the beach to ensure the meal doesn't overcook or completely turn off.Cons:- Most (all?Read more ›
August 5, 2014


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