Etekcity Scroll Wireless Vertical Mouse

Etekcity Scroll M910 Wireless Vertical Mouse (60 Degree): 9 Clickable Function Buttons

Ergonomic vertical design(60 Degree) for optimal working comfort and and reduced wrist and arm strain; 9 Function Buttons

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I had the opportunity to review the Etekcity Vertical wireless gaming mouse with a demo unit, and was happy to accept it. By all counts, it looks very similar to Logitech brand of mice, but without the cost. I was expecting the mouse to be poor quality, lightweight and touchy at best, as are with most mice I've bought that aren't backed by large global corporations.The mouse arrives with three items, the mouse itself, some directions (discard!) and the USB adapter. The manufacturer thoughtfully included a battery (pull the block tab out before powering on) and the mouse turns on. Pairing was simple, as soon as I plugged in the mouse I was good to go.The mouse itself has many buttons suitable for gameplay. This rivals the Logitech Proteus with the number of buttons, but also has an elegant office feel at the same time. There's also an embedded and removable wrist guard that really does make a difference for longer mouse use. (Redditing or playing games...)The build quality is amazing. Even though the unit was light, the molding and plastics used were done with great precision. I found no defects or cosmetic blemishes on the outside of the mouse. The rubberiziation was seamless, buttons and scroll wheel worked perfectly. Ergonomically the mouse felt very strange and was hard to get used to with the vertical. People with smaller hands might feel like they're using half an apple; I believe this is more suitable for people with larger hands.I would prefer that the mouse be lighter, contain two batteries for longer battery life and maybe not be as tall. But the build quality itself is excellent, and I would recommend this as a potential gaming mouse to anyone with larger hands.
June 27, 2015
The Scroll M910 is a very nice mouse. The extra controls allow for easy and quick access for bringing up a search page in a click, adjusting the volume, going back and forth between web pages, and shifting the DPI. All this is without movement (or at the very most, minimal movement) of the mouse. That said, I found the mouse too big and bulky for my hand. My fingers end up falling short and does not fully cover the mouse if my palm is rested. My middle finger just about covers the scroll wheel. If I hover my wrist and arm without resting it though, I can better cover the length of the mouse. While the inclusive and attachment of the palm rest makes it a bit more comfortable and although initially fine when using, the use of the mouse gets quite tiresome and uncomfortable quite quickly.To put this into perspective, the mouse measures about 4.5 inches long from the bottom(the side that touches the table) or 6 inches with the palm rest attached. Measuring from the top and following it's curve, the mouse measures about 6 inches. My hand measures about 7 inches from the tip of middle finger down to the start of my wrist (palm longer than fingers) but only just barely covers the mouse if my palm is not rested. I would assume it might be more comfortable for those who have bigger hands. I do also find the thumb area bulky since it measures about 2.25 inches tall. For me personally, reduced bulkiness would have been more comfortable. But to be fair, I have a preference for smaller mouses which I can usually use hours on end without discomfort. My current mouse has a 3.5 inch base and a curve of 4.5 inches from the top. The thumb area is under 1.5 inches at its tallest. Despite all this, I do like that the extra button controls can still be easily pressed and accessed with limited movement.Read more ›
October 13, 2015
Pros:- Perfect angle for resting hand position, very little strain on the wrist.- Easy DPI toggle behind the mouse wheel.- Sufficient amount of programmable buttons, albeit additional software is required.- Has a place to store the usb receiver for travel so it does not get lost.- Only requires one AA battery, and is included.- Plug and Play drivers for Windows 7- Very easy to glide on the mousepad, the pads on the bottom of the mouse are good quality.- Blue laser means broader spectrum of light and flexibility to use on different surfaces.- Detachable palm rest.Cons:- No additional right mouse buttons, all of the programmable buttons are on the left. One slightly under the left click in the front, a cluster of three towards the back, and one on the far bottom, all on the left side.- Would have liked to see more DPI options, although one of the settings was PERFECT for my purposes.- No included software to program buttons, you'll have to download 3rd party software. Not a biggie for the tech competent, but not entirely plug and play for the layman.Overall:So off the bat I had to knock a star for the programmable buttons. Yes, you can program them, but if you want functionality outside of a game, you will need 3rd party software. It is pretty easy to find some freeware to do this for you, but that being said, it is just as easy for the company to code something similar or partner with another vendor to include some software so you aren't left to do it yourself. People will pay for simplicity.I liked the idea of the detachable palm rest as the corner of my hand near my wrist usually gets red from leaning on it too much.Read more ›
July 25, 2015

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