GrooveBox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - GrooveBox White


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with NFC, DSP Equalization, Aux Input (3.5 mm) and Long Life Battery.; Built-in powered 5.25" subwoofer offers amazingly deep and clean bass in a portable speaker. Dual, ...

Made by: igroove, Available: In stock

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GrooveBox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Audiophile sound meets modern style and function with the igroove Groovebox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Sporting an array of certifications and capabilities, this speaker offers exceptional fidelity while being portable and user friendly. Built-in Bluetooth indicator lets you know whether you’re paired with the speaker. Dirac, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) decodes Bluetooth sound with technology found in high-end receivers. This allows unsurpassed separation and clarity in a portable speaker formerly found only in home theater settings. Dirac offers the best in real-time equalization, restoring compressed music to the fidelity in which it was recorded. This will restore the integrity of your music and play it how it was meant to be heard.

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