HAVIT LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

HAVIT HV-KB558CM LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)
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Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.; Professional gaming membrane keyboard design, multicolor backlight; The backlight can switch among medium light, high light, breath mode and turn off by pressing Fn and Esc simultaneously.; 19 anti-ghosting keys, enable free control; 2400DPI ...

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HAVIT® HV-KB558CM LED Backlit Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo (Black)OMG I am so so so in love with this product I can not even begin to say enough about it. I am not a gamer but have taken it into my office at work and everyone is wanting it now too! I had a small scare when I hooked them up - they didn't respond - I guess reading the directions helps LOL - so after reading the directions and trying different ports & restarting my computer - they starting working. So remember that when you get yours and start using it! I ordered it because my office can be a tad bit dark and my old keyboard was loud and letters were rubbed off - I love the quietness of this keyboard - the extra little wrist support - and the feel of the keys when typing. The mouse is very comfortable to use and very good in response. I am beyond happy with this product and now have my office staff asking where I got them and wanting me to order more! Seller sent this package to me quickly and safely.
August 4, 2015
The keyboard is a great compromise between non-gaming keyboards and the more expensive ones with 'clicky' keys. The tactile feedback was great, without much clackity noise. The mouse was very responsive, and the 'breathing' lights were great.The backlights are rainbow colored, and can be set to dim, bright, or breathing/pulsing. Unfortunately I made the incorrect assumption that the lights would show through the keys themselves, for typing in the dark. They do not shine through, and the rainbow LED backlights - though beautiful - make it that much harder to figure out which key is which.Fine, I thought, I know where the keys are and this keyboard does look great so I tried touch-typing without looking at the keys. I failed miserably: the extra column of media control keys along the left side, which are great for controlling volume and playing/pausing music, are in the exact place I go now (on my old keyboard) when I need access to CTRL-Y/Z/X/C/V/TAB/Mouse for undo/redo, cutting/copying/pasting, switching between apps, or selecting multiple files using CTRL and SHIFT... I ended up pressing the media keys, then undoing whatever happened as a result of that, then attempting to hit the correct keys.I really like this keyboard, but the lack of lit keys, plus the (very groovy) backlight LEDS that make it harder to see which key is which, are a deal-breaker for me. If those issues don't matter to you, I do recommend this keyboard,.. for the price, it is a solid, well-designed product that costs two or three times less than equivalent devices while delivering 80%-90% of their functionality.
September 11, 2015
This was a birthday gift for my 13-year-old son. He absolutely loves the keyboard and the mouse. Keys are a good size - very comfortable for the hours and hours (did I mention hours?) of online messaging and gaming he does on it. He says the extra keys on the left side of the keyboard were a bonus as they allow him to change the volume and play and pause videos with one touch on the keyboard instead of using the mouse. The rainbow colors against the black keyboard look great (especially at night) and the mouse randomly changes colors, which is also cool. We spent a lot of time looking online, and this keyboard and mouse combo were the best deal for the price. After two weeks of constant use, I am completely satisfied with the quality. A bonus is that he likes this keyboard so much that he is now much more careful about eating and drinking around it. All in all, a great purchase for my young gamer!
October 2, 2015
I absolutely love this keyboard and mouse!!!! The product is so beautiful with the multicolored breathing lights. I love the keys, especially the spacebar and the spacing between keys. I personally love the enter button that others have complained about so I advise potential buyers to take a close look at it in the pictures. The buttons are clicky but the aren't too tall like most gaming keyboards. I have to say that the mouse actually stole the spotlight for me when I mainly purchased this product for the keyboard. It is the perfect size, has a nice threaded cord and I love how it cycles through lights. I'm not the most avid PC gamer but I do game quite a bit and this is the perfect product for me. The only problem I had was that I had to wait longer to get the right color, something that has happened to others. I read the reviews more in depth after I purchased the item and as I anxiously waited it's arrival, I hoped that wouldn't be the case for me. Unfortunately it was, I really hope they will start paying more attention especially now that there is a price difference!
August 10, 2015
clicks lamost like a mechanical keyboard. great quality and love the side buttons for changing music :Pkeys arent hollow or w.e so in the dark it can be hard to see keys but that is fine . i can type mostly w.o looking anyways.[getting use to this keyboard though so i do look down from time to time]
November 19, 2015

HAVIT HV-KB558CM LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)

Professional gaming keyboard design, multicolor backlight, The backlight can switch among medium light, high light, breath mode and turn off by pressing Fn and Esc simultaneously, 19 anti-ghosting keys, enable free control, 2400DPI mouse with 4 preset levels(800,1200,1600,2400), 4 color breathing light of mouse :Red, Blue, Purple, Pink; Light-off mode: forward/back button+DPI.

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