iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot.

iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot
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Designed to mop floors quickly and efficiently, the new iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot systematically covers your entire floor in a single pass. Braava uses disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths to pick up dirt, hair and dust from all your hardsurface floors including tile, vinyl, hardwood ...

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We've had this little guy for about three months and have been using it pretty much every other day. I couldn't be happier with it's performance.This little robot is a helper, and keeping that in mind, you'll find your floors stay much cleaner in between your more dedicated cleaning sessions.That's not to say you're completely out of the picture. You have a responsibility to use this robot, and while his AI is quite impressive at times, it is still an appliance. This is not entirely a "set it and forget it" robot. Think of it as other helpful appliances. Your dishwasher is great! But you still need to properly load it, pre-rinse when necessary, and occasionally still scrape some dry food off of a fork with your thumbnail. Your washer and dryer are fantastic! But you still need to make time for use in your evenings, transfer from one to the other, and darn it, they still don't fold your clothes.The Braava, is like an appliance in that way. You don't need to babysit it (other than your first few run-throughs) but you need to be aware of it, take it from room to room, change pads, and charge as necessary.Our home is ~1600 square feet and mostly hardwood floors with area rugs centered in the dining room and living room.The Braava works most efficiently in our kitchen (pretty much rectangular) and bedroom (again a square with the bed, which comes all the way down to the floor, is centered on a wall and all of our dresser/end tables are legged tall enough for the little guy to easily get under.The only prep these rooms need when I put Braava to work are; Kitchen) move the two little rug mats we have out of the way. Bedroom) move the dog bed out of the way.Read more ›
September 25, 2013
Just received the Braava and boy was my wife pleased with it. It does both dry sweeping and wet mopping. We are particularly impressed with the latter. It does take a bit longer for wet mopping (because it goes forward and backward, just like regular mopping) but it sure cleans the our homogeneous-tiled floor well. We can certainly feel the squeaky-clean tiles with our bare feet after it mops!For those who reside outside of the USA, I just want to confirm that the power charger adapter supports 100-240V 50/60Hz power source. Thus, one merely needs the correct power adapter to convert the USA 2-pin to whatever pin arrangement in use in your country. There is NO NEED for any step-down transformer at all!We should have gotten this much earlier!--cpPS: This is a video of the Braava on a wet mopping routine of the kitchen floor: [...]JAN 8, 2014 UPDATE:Barely passed 3 months, the Braava doesn't work any more. Both the rubbery threads that are attached to the wheels came loose. As such, the Braava doesn't drive smoothly any more. It jerks and sometimes the threads get caught up and the Braava thinks it has met with an obstacle. Had a chat with iRobot support and the conclusion is that the Braava needs to be replaced. However, since it is shipped out of the USA or Canada, the warranty is void. The only good thing in my situation is that Amazon is willing to make an exception for me to return the item for a refund. But I would have to pay for international shipping though. Still better than nothing. So, if you plan to buy the Braava and don't live in the US or Canada, do be aware of the possible problem should your Braava develop any issues past 30 days.Read more ›
October 1, 2013
I so desperately wanted this to work. As the mom of two kids under five, my floors remain perpetually sticky thanks to spilled juice, dribbled dinner, and a host of other toddler-induced messes. I was thrilled thinking that this floor mopping robot would help make my work load easier. It made me sad to learn that it did little more than just wipe my floors down. I tried it a few different ways: once with the dry sweeping cloth, once with water and the wet mopping cloth, and once with a swiffer wet cloth. It is super easy to use and after the first time I used it, it seemed to learn my kitchen fairly quickly. The bottom of the cloth showed that it had picked up some dirt, but there were still several spots of the floor that I later had to go back and clean by hand. If your floors are already in fairly good condition and you just want a quick touch-up between deep cleanings, I think the Braava can handle that, but if your floors are genuinely in need of mopping, this isn't going to make them sparkle.My kids did find it highly entertaining. My two-year-old ran around the house yelling that the "Robot is going to eat my toes!" Don't worry, no toes were consumed in the testing of this product. The device itself is very easy to use. The reusable cloths attach easily, and the Swiffer brand cloths I had on hand also fit without any problem. It plays a cute tune when it's done mopping and then it returns to the place where it started. The charging dock charged it fairly quickly and the charge lasted long enough to clean my kitchen, entry-way, and two bathrooms (and still had charge left).If your floors just need a wipe down, this baby can definitely handle that. If your floors need to be scrubbed, it's not going to do that for you (as much as I wish that it could).Read more ›
October 8, 2013


iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot.

Designed to mop floors quickly and efficiently, the new iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot systematically covers your entire floor in a single pass. Braava uses disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths to pick up dirt, hair and dust from all your hardsurface floors including tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate. Just attach a cloth, set Braava down, press a button and off it goes, using advanced robotic technology to track where it’s been and where it needs to go.

It’s whisper-quiet too, so you can go about your daily activities without disruption. The included Turbo Charge Cradle is a convenient, one-stop charging and storage space, charging Braava 380t in as fast as two hours. Braava uses either disposable cleaning cloths, including Swiffer brand, or reusable microfiber cloths to remove dirt, dust and hair from your floors so you don’t have to. Braava has two cleaning modes to choose from depending on the job you need done.


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