iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies


iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies. The iRobot Roomba 780 vacuum cleaning robot removes up to 98% of dirt, dust and pet hair on its own at the touch of a button. Using ...

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The 780 is the top of the line Roomba robotic vacuum and comes with all the bells the whistles. Questions that might be asked are:1)Is a Roomba right for me?2)Should I go for the 780 over the 760 or 770?Let me address question (1) first: Is the Roomba right for me? My thoughts on the Roomba are this. It is a great little automatic vacuum/duster but it isn't perfect. Here are the pros and cons as I see them:Pros:* It's an automated vacuum. Seriously, how awesome is that? Who wants to spend a morning vacuuming when they can just let loose the tiny 'bot and go do other things? Not me.* Adaptive logic. The brain behind how it gets every space covered.* Programmable. iRobot encourages tech-heads to program their Roombas to get the most out of it though I haven't and I don't think it is essential.* Date and time functions. You can program when you want the little bot to run it's cleaning cycle.Cons:* Small dust bin. The dust bin was reading full after vacuuming one small carpeted room before even completing its cleaning cycle.* Not really truly set and forget - just like regular vacuuming, you need to prepare the room. Think of the things you normally move around when vacuuming so you can get behind furniture or other objects. You need to pre-move everything. Do doors stay open so the Roomba can go from room to room or do you close them to get behind them and set the Roomba in each room individually?* Lots of maintenance - it says you need to de-hairs the sweeper rollers after every 3 - THREE - uses. Is that something you normally do for your big vac?* Small replaceable filters - no bag means the filters will get dirtier faster and will need to be replaced more often.Read more ›
June 10, 2012
Note: I uploaded four photos to support my review in the image gallery. Click on "View and share related images" on the top left under the main photo to see them.I wish I wasn't writing this. Oh how we wanted this robot to sweep into our home and change our lives, just like we wanted our Roomba Red to do way back in 2004. Unfortunately we were left just as disappointed with our new 780 as we were when we bought a Roomba Red eight years before. We figured that eight years in iRobot cleaning technology would make this an amazing vacuum. Not so much. I wanted this iRobot to handle vacuuming our whole house like a true intelligent machine, but instead I have gained a round auto spot-cleaning machine. Because that's the only thing it really works for in my home. The "SPOT" function, where you set it down and it vacuums just a small area for you instead of traveling around your whole house. I'd recommend giving this vacuum a try if you have a home with mostly hard floors and you don't have many obstacles for it to get caught on.Problems we have with the 780: (And I've posted photos above to support my review)- It needs a baby-sitter. Roomba constantly gets caught and stuck in various places throughout our home that we can't do anything about, such as our wood trim and stair balusters and the legs of our bed tables. This pops the dust bin out and stalls the Roomba (see photos). If you don't notice this for a while it's disappointing to walk into the room thinking it should be clean, and instead have to reset the whole thing.- It takes a really long time to complete the vacuuming of an entire room. I don't understand the paths it takes and the patterns it makes. It seems like it could and should be much more efficient at covering square footage in a room than it is.Read more ›
June 21, 2012
I have Roomba 780 and Mint 5200. I have used both for more than half year. Here are my experiences:Roomba 780 is very easy to use. Push start button, it goes. It can vacuum a room without using virtual wall or lighthouse. But if you want to run it in a specific area, virtual wall works like a closed door or wall. Roomba will not pass virtual wall. If you want to vacuum multiple rooms at once, placing lighthouse at different area will virtually divide the area into subareas. Roomba will first finish the 1st area, then move onto the next one.Pro's:- It is great that you can program the date/time you want it to run.- It starts by itself at the programed date/time and goes back to the charging dock automatically after cleaning.- It vacuums the room effectively. Hair, bread crumbs all get sucked into the vacuum. Recently, I had my windows installed. After the installers vacuumed the room w/ their professional vacuum and I using my Miele, I ran Roomba for another round of vacuuming. I was very pleased to see that Roomba got a lot of debris out of the shag carpet.- Good battery power to vacuum a large area.Con's:- Noisy. I find it painful to run it while I am home.- Navigation is not as sophisticated and effective as Mint 5200. It repeatedly gets stuck at some tight corners or passages, and needs to be removed. This is a problem if you are not home. Worse, when you come home, you have no idea how much it has cleaned before it got stuck.- The bin is small and is full after each daily run in my townhouse (I've no pets, but have a few rugs). It is a bit of work (about 5 minutes) to empty the bin, remove hair from the brush and beater brush, wheel, and remove dust from hepa filters.Read more ›
May 8, 2012

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