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Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with Additional 1000 mAh Emergency Power Bank Function and Splashproof Shockproof Dustproof for Outdoor/Shower...


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The speaker inside of this device is labeled as 4 Ohm, 3 Watt, despite the product being advertised as having a 5 Watt speaker. See my photos.I love this thing. It has good sound, weight, and battery life for the money.I worked at a computer manufacturer's retail store for many years, where we sold all sorts of name-brand Bluetooth speakers. This sounds about what like we sold for $100, though I would never buy this (or any similar-sounding Bluetooth speaker) for $100. It's no SoundLink III, but it's pretty great for $40. This thing seems to have impressive low-end sound for a 2-inch, 3 Watt speaker. That said, it's still a 2-inch, 3 Watt speaker. Don't forget that. If not speaking in relative terms, the bass is terrible. You've got a 2-inch speaker trying to produce full frequency range, which is basically a joke. It's small and light for its sound and volume. Its bright, easy-to-find color and its water-resistence lends nicely to using this for outdoor activities. Other color choices would have been nice though. The battery life seems great so far. The device is sealed internally with O-rings around the "passive subwoofer" and screws. One of the screws in mine was missing an O-ring though, so don't go dunk-testing this. I think the only reason this is rated water-resistant instead of water-proof is because a cheap, more-plastic-than-rubber material was used for the USB port cover. As a computer tech, I like that this unit can actually be disassembled at least partially and reassembled with a screwdriver (instead of glue that's impossible or snaps that break). It has rubber pads on the bottom to keep it from rattling when placed on a table. I've grown fond of this device's shape, too.
August 14, 2015
I was provided a Mpow Armor Portable Bluetooth Speaker for testing and review and was asked only to give my honest review, so this is what I found.What You Should Know Before You Buy:♦ Small sized speaker with a really nice, rugged waterproof and dustproof design. Ports have tight caps.♦ This is a very loud speaker for how small it is. I mean crazy loud. I really couldn't stand the volume when it was almost maxed.♦ While it has very high volume, the sound remains nice and clear and really sounds pretty impressive for a variety of music types.♦ Good Bluetooth range and an Aux input for wired use.♦ Has a rechargeable battery that charges with an included USB cable.♦ Frequency and bass response is good for this size speaker with an audible range of about 45Hz to 15000Hz. But low end was a little lacking.♦ Can also be used as an emergency power bank for your other devices.Conclusion:Overall, I was a really nice little speaker. This speaker sounded great while achieving an extremely high volume with little to no distortion. I tried out a variety of music from some Disney kids songs to Michael Bublé to various Bass Heavy Dubstep tracks and it sounded great with all types of music. Due to the small size, the very low end bass was a little lacking, but it had quite a bit of punch. It is built to be rugged and can be used outdoors. All of the ports have tight caps to keep out dust and water. It also has a USB output so it can be used as an emergency power bank to charge up another device. If you are in the market for a rugged little speaker that sounds great and can reach pretty high volumes, this one is worth consideration.
January 19, 2015
I was just browsing electronics products and saw that MPOW now released a waterproof bluetooth speaker! As a fan of many other MPOW wireless products in the past, I knew this would be the one to have. I was in search of a reliably, affordable bluetooth speaker for kayaking last summer, but never found one, until this one popped up on my page! I must say so far I am very impressed and looking forward to using it for cycling and kayaking in the upcoming season!DURABILITY & BUILD QUALITYMPOW has always impressed me in their build quality (especially at their prices), but the build quality of an item like this must be absolutely exceptional, in order to stand up to the elements and likely impact that occurs in outdoor life. I can honestly say this product really feels like it'll hold up to its word. It feels rock solid in my hands, and has a rubberized, sturdy texture all over the unit. I felt so secure with its build that, while playing music, i dropped it from shoulder height onto the (hard) kitchen floor. Not only did the speaker remain unharmed, my music kept playing via bluetooth, unnoticed! I have no doubt that this item will be fine even if it falls off my bike.I'd also like to add that the rubber 'feet' on the bottom (the bottom is directly underneath the controls - so that the speakers are on their sides) are extremely nice. I can set it on just about any flat surface and it sits tight - No sliding, I can even sit it on the dash of my car and it's fine to drive with.WATERPROOFI just had to test how waterproof this truly is. Speakers are a hard item to waterproof, just due to their nature of open design. MPOW did a good job with the covers on the ports to keep it waterproof. They seal tight, and are not terribly difficult (or easy) to open.Read more ›
January 16, 2015

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