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Oco Wireless Surveillance HD Video Monitoring Security Camera


No monthly fees required! Optional cloud video recording plans available.; Live HD video feed on your smartphone.; View live, streaming or recorded video over the App or Web any time. Wireless HD ...

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The Oco camera seemed so great but it hasn't lived up to its hype.1. Packaging looked great and setup was so easy. Plug it in, download the app, show the camera the QR code produced by your app and off it goes.2. Bought 3 Oco cameras separately and each had a different operating system running despite trying to update each of them. Seems software updates are not reliable.3. The clarity is quite nice. The night mode works very well, though the sensor to autoswitch is a bit too sensitive. It switches to night-mode too early while it is still light out. The microphone works well and so does the speaker, the only caveat is there is a lag of about 4-7 seconds which is the same lag of the live streaming.4. Once a week the camera will drop off for 15+ minutes of its own accord. I noticed this only happened to the camera furthest from the router.5. Today, roughly 2 months after purchase, all 3 cameras stopped working. Deleted the camera from the app, reset it and tried to reprogram it—twice! But it was to no avail, the camera does not seem to be working.UPDATE - Same dayNow about 3 hours after finding the cameras had failed, they are back on. I also received about 20 emails telling me they had dropped connection, reconnected, dropped, reconnected...UPDATE - 1/15/16The cameras dropped over 10 times today. They have been on this trend for ages. My wifi doesn't go down but the cameras do. Check out my screenshot of the dropped email. You will be familiar with these if you buy an Oco camera.
August 12, 2015
It's a nice cam for remote monitoring. The lowest monthly fee is $4.00 if you wanted online recording It will record motion or sound activated alerts and save them for 24 hours. If you don't need recording, the remote monitoring is free. It doesn't seems to support local recording. So, I'm only giving a 3 stars.This cam only supports 2.4 GHz wifi. If you are on a 5GHz wifi, make sure your phone or tablet is connected to 2.4 GHz when doing the setup. If your 2.4 band has a different name and password than your 5.0 band
January 1, 2015
This is a very cool camera, set up was easy, even though I'm not a computer geek, it took me few minutes to figure out how it works.The main point of the purchasing a camera was to be able to see what's going on home with kids and nanny. So I set up camera in a living room. But now I'm thinking about getting one more camera to place over a staircase. For safety purpose, if someone will break in into our house, we will have a clear pictures for police report.Definitely a must!
February 12, 2015
I bought the camera to monitor my new puppy while away at work to make sure she wasn't barking or crying all day long and annoying the neighbors! Camera looks good, is small, set-up was easy and initially worked well with the app which I downloaded to my iphone 6. But after about a week of using it the camera began to go offline for hours at a time and so I cannot view what is going on at home. All I get is an error message of "could not load live video". Eventually it manages to connect and I can check in, but it is frustrating to say the least.
August 25, 2015
I've used the camera for a couple of months, the camera was very easy to setup and the quality is very good however, there are 2 issues that exist that Invideon knows about but have not fixed. The camera sends alerts when is switches to night mode, the switching mechanism makes a clicking sound that's picked up by the sound detection software (even when on the lowest sound setting), it's very annoying getting these alerts when there's no problem. The 2nd issue is that the camera has is that it goes offline then back online two or three times a day, the outage normally lasts around 10 minutes, then it restores itself, again this is aggravating because these events send alert messages. While the camera is offline, you can't connect to it thus is an event were to occur, you would miss it.
February 8, 2015


Oco Simple Home Monitoring Security Camera is an easy to use HD WiFi camera with Cloud Recording for monitoring everything you care about, children, pets, elderly parents, business, etc. No Monthly Fees required to access all camera features: • Self-learning motion and noise detection system helps Oco understand motion and noise signals that happen in your home and learns to avoid false alerts. 

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