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I've owned several Fitbit devices to date along with other brands like the Jawbone Up, Garmin ForeRunner, and the Apple watch. I waited with excitement for my Blaze to arrive so I could test its new features and hopefully use this as the only watch I need to wear all the time. I am a fitness enthusiast and love to log workouts in addition to monitoring daily steps and sleep. I've had the Blaze for a few weeks now and so far I love some of the features, while some I would have liked to see improved. I will do a quick walkthrough of some key features along with some shortcomings, followed by a quick comparison with the Apple watch.PROs:- Large screen, easy to read display- Nice gorilla glass screen that doesn't get scratched- Accurate heart rate monitor without the need for chest strap- Automatically tracks steps, sleep, workouts, heart rate. All viewable easily on the screen- Auto activity and sleep tracker without the need to manually start an activity- Great battery life (5-6 days for me so far)- Smart notifications (texts, accept or reject calls, calendar appointments) are very convenient- $199 price point!My personal favorite is the auto-track feature. You really don't need to manually start any activity, the watch does it all for you. Whether it's elliptical, spinning, walking, or sleeping, the watch automatically picks each activity up and logs it just based on movement and heart rate. Very cool feature in my opinion.Read more ›
March 2, 2016
Received the Blaze after a direct preorder from Fitbit.Best Fitbit I've had yet. I was wearing both an Apple Watch (for the smart functions) and a Charge HR since the Apple Watch is horrible at tracking fitness. Well now I've ditched the Apple Watch and my arm is finally free! :)All I really wanted was text notifications, and the Blaze does that very well. Easy interface, just swipe up for notifcations, and back down to go back to the home screen. The user interface is extremely easy. Just swipe to the left for "Today" where you can see all your typical stats (steps, heartrate, distance, calories, flights), or keep swiping to select exercise you're about to do, FitStar, Timer, Alarms, or settings.Screen is bright and colorful. No noticeable lag. You can also update the watch face to constantly display your steps and whatnot (I chose the display with the date).Super easy to set up. Add device in the app, get an update, and you're off. Nothing more to it. Stats carry over (as I was wearing the Charge HR in the morning and received the Blaze in the afternoon).Don't believe the hype over "how big" it is. Yes, it has a larger footprint than the Apple Watch, but it's thinner and fits your wrist better. Not to mention it is much lighter. Shirt sleeves go on easy over it, as opposed to getting snagged on bulkier smart watches.Heart rate monitoring seems to be much better than the Charge HR (despite possibly having the same sensors, a software upgrade perhaps?).Great device so far. Will certainly update if I run into any issues.**Edit #1: So figured I'd update this after having used it for 4 days now.4 days in and I finally got a battery low email.Read more ›
February 25, 2016
A few weeks ago I purchased the Charge HR and I loved it, my Fitbit One was great, but I was growing tired of clipping it on and losing it. The Charge HR having phone notification features and heart rate monitoring got me into the future with wearables, and the Blaze is taking it to the next level! I’ve only had it a few days (got it early by ordering on the Fitbit site) and I am still pretty enamored with it. Out of the box it needs an update which is a little odd considering it’s a brand new product, but after updating and charging (battery was almost dead) I was up and ready to go!I will note a few initial comments and then keep updating over time.Loves:- First things first, the Blaze is BIG, but I wear big watches in general. If you have a dainty wrist and like smaller items, this isn’t for you.- The band feels more comfortable on my wrist than the charge did, so to me that is an upgrade.- The screen is super clear and easy to read.- The text and phone notifications are easy to read and displayed immediately.- While you can't set an alarm from the Blaze, you can turn them off and on from the screen which I think is a great addition.Interesting:- Text notifications stay on the Blaze until you delete them which is interesting. I'm not sure yet how many alerts it will save until it cycles them out, and you can also delete all.- There are buttons on the side which you can use to wake up the Fitbit and start and stop exercises etc on the watch. It takes a little time to figure out.Not So Loved:- So far I’m not a fan of the fact that you have to snap the Blaze out of the wristband to charge it inside of what looks like a little box with the top cut out to display the screen while charging.Read more ›
February 25, 2016

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