UDI Gyro RC Quadcopter with HD Camera RTF

UDI RC Discovery 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with HD Camera RTF


Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.; Upgraded version with HD Camera 1280 * 720 (at 30 frames per second) lets you take HD movies and photos from the sky!; 6 AXIS GYRO with posture ...

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There are simply not enough good things that I can say about this RC Quadcopter / Drone. First off, I need to tell you that I was provided a sample for review purposes. I also have extremely limited experience flying RC planes or helicopters and just base my experience on RC toys that I played with as a teen. Amazon limits videos to 100 megs, so I will leave a comment with a link to the high resolution version of this product review.I got this to test out and within minutes I was flying and under control. I became addicted that night. I flew several times that weekend and got better. This thing just kept getting easier and easier to control. The camera and video functions were also super cool, a definite bonus as opposed to my previous RC helicopter experience. And by the way, I beat the heck out of this thing and it still worked. Sadly, I got it really high up in the air and it carried and landed upside down in a creek under a foot of water. It still worked for a week after that, after being underwater for 5 minutes! I will definitely be buying one with my own money now, just be more careful next time. The fact that it even worked is a testament to its robustness.PROS-Incredibly sturdy design, plastic is high deflection so it bends and doesn't crack. I have come to find that you want a plastic ring all around to protect the blades. Any quadcopter out there without full protection will inevitable take a shot to the blades in the portion that isn't protected.-Very easy to learn and control, easy learning curve. I was a total beginner and had control by the end of the weekend in 10 or so flights.-Camera is 720P and can take stills as well as video. The provided 2 GB micro card is not good, I was taking videos with that and they kept crashing.Read more ›
April 28, 2015
I was rather excited when Tenergy contacted me to do a review of this quad. They don't make the quad, but rather are bundling their batteries with it. The UDI brand is one I've seen around and figured I would get to eventually. Now that the U818A-1 has been in my stable for a few weeks, along with a Cheerson CX-10, Hubsan X4 (H107C), Syma X5C, and WLToys V959 (post purchase upgraded to a V222 6 axis), I've gotten a good feel for it.This kit is a RTF (Ready To Fly), so no need to buy anything else. Just put batteries in the remote, charge up and install one of the two batteries that it comes with, and you're ready to go. Oh yes, and don't forget the included 2GB SD card for the camera. It's about a Class 4 in speed, but as I found later, it doesn't really matter how fast/slow the storage is.The build quality if the U818A-1 is not what I would consider impressive. The shell, which includes the non-removable blade guards, is thin. While that makes the copter light, it also makes it weak.Read more ›
April 13, 2015
So I purchased the UDI U818a and it was a great little quadcopter. When this came out I immediately purchased it! It is a very durable copter and flies a little more stable than is older counterpart. The camera is a big upgrade but I wouldn't call it HD if anything is more like a 420p video but compared to the U818a it takes very good pictures. Whats nice about this quad is that it is inexpensive and easy to learn how to fly. If you are someone who like to tinker, there and numerous modifications that you can do to this quad to make it better.Some of the mods you can do to this are:-Upgrade to 1200MhA battery for longer flight time-build a small 1.8Ghz fpv transmitter to use with fat shark fpv glasses-remove the plastic shielding to make it fly better out doors-remove the camera and add a small external action came (not GoPro's because they are too heavy)-glue pingpong balls to the feet so it will float on water (this is just a suggestion and I am in no way responsible if your quad gets damaged due to this mod)-adding a longer antenna to increase range
March 19, 2015
I bought one of these at Fry's Electronics for a few dollars more than I see it on Amazon (it was an impulse buy while I was there to get something else). I used to fly RC helicopters, micro-size up through 700, so this is just a toy for me, not something I learned on.It is very stable and flies rather well. Outdoors, with the protective cover on, it has trouble keeping up with the slightest breeze. However, the cover is great for learning and flying indoors. Once you learn to fly it well, carefully remove the cover and it completely changes the character of this little guy. Runtime increases significantly, it's far less affected by wind, and becomes much more agile. It's really impressive for a quad in this category and price range.The video is what one should expect in this category. It's not great but it's certainly no horrible. There is on-board audio as well, but that's useless on a noisy quad. Video is pretty much useless in low light.In reality the feature set on this are rather impressive IMO for a toy quad in this price range. You get remote control of not only the quad but also of still photos and video.The instructions are written in pretty poor English.I've had mine give some tones and light flashes on the remote that I did not notice explained in the documentation. When that happened it shut down and fell from the air and the motors would no longer run till I swapped the battery.The function button makes it flip to the right only. If you use the button on the top-left you can flip it in any direction by pushing the right-stick hard over in the desired direction.Read more ›
June 21, 2015

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